Welcome to Eilat

Eilat, situated in the southernmost part of Israel, is renowned for its sun-drenched climate, the enchanting shores of the Red Sea, and captivating vistas of desert mountains. This makes it a perfect destination for winter cycling, conveniently just a few hours away from the heart of Europe.


Weather in Eilat:

Eilat boasts a hot desert climate characterized by warm, nearly rain-free winters. In early December, the average daytime temperature in Eilat is around 25 degrees Celsius, with a maximum of 30.5°C. The nighttime temperatures range from 14°C to 19°C. On average, Eilat experiences virtually no rainy days in November and only about one day of rain in December. While the mountains surrounding Eilat also tend to have dry conditions, temperatures there are expected to be slightly cooler than in the city.

Vacation and Spending time in Eilat:

Eilat offers a wide array of options, attractions, and activities, making it suitable for various types of vacations. The beaches along the Red Sea are not only among the most beautiful in Israel but also rank among the most stunning worldwide. They provide numerous water sports opportunities and various challenges for enthusiasts.
Beneath the sea’s surface lies a rich underwater kingdom teeming with a diverse array of fish, corals, and vibrant creatures. This underwater splendor draws visitors from across the globe, enticing them to immerse themselves in the waters of the Red Sea.
The city’s nightlife remains vibrant year-round, with Eilat hosting a diverse range of events and festivals that contribute to its lively atmosphere. 

Free Events in Eilat:

Gran Fondo Israel and the Eilat Tourism Corporation invite you to enjoy free events that take place during the race – between the months of November and March, every day from early morning until late at night: Art and culinary workshops and tours, musical performances and workshops, sports and yoga, trips, cruises and more… the activities are suitable for all ages and the whole family, participation by pre-registration.

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Hotels in Eilat with special prices for Gran Fondo riders:


Race headquarter :

Jacob hotel, Eilat

Emergency services:

These are the phone numbers of the Israeli emergency services
Police : 100
Medical assistance (Magen David Adom): 101
Fire and rescue services : 102


Yoseftal Medical Center
Derekh Yotam, Eilat +972-8-635-8011

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