The 0fficial Jersey of Gran Fondo Eilat 2023

Registration Policy & Fees

Cancellation Policy and Refunds

  • Until 10/11/23 registration fees will be returned with a deduction of 50 NS.
  • Start from 11/11/23 until 16/11/23 registration fees will be returned with a deduction of 25% from the package cost.
  • Start from 17/11/23 until 20/11/23 registration fees will be returned with a deduction of 50% from the package cost.
  • Start form 21/11/23 there will be no registration fee Refunds.
  • There is no participation kits replacement due to insurance issues.
  • There is no refund for those who didn’t arrive and didn’t cancel their registration in advance according to the cancellation policies above.

Release from liability

  • All the cyclists should sign on a Release from Liability Form in the competition secretariat.
  • The signing stand will be closed before the first leap into the competition. Cyclists who didn’t sign, won’t be allowed to start.
  • Necessary approvals for those who are not Israeli Cycling Association or UCI members: (a) a Valid Ergometric Test Result and appropriate insurance. Please send to the following e-mail address: [email protected]
  • Those valid approvals should be sent no later than 25/11/23
  • The competitive heats’ capacity is 500 participants on first come first served basis.
Conditions of Participation
    • Participation in the event is open for Cyclists from Israel and From around the world.
    • In the following categories: Elite Men & Women, Men Juniors, Level 1 (Masters Pro), Cadets (Boys & Girls), the participation will be allowed for ICA and UCI (men & women) members only.
    • In the master’s categories (Women Level 1 & 2, Men Level 2& 3), the participation is open for cyclists who are not ICA or UCI members as well.
    • The master’s categories will start together and will be unified for each age category according to the ICA regulations.
    • Cyclists (men & women) who are not registered in the Israeli Cycling Association or in the UCI, and interested to participate within the competitive heats, are committed to present valid Ergometric Test and appropriate insurance.
    • The competitive heats are intended for trained and skilled cyclists.
    • The organizers are not responsible for each damage will be caused for the participants in the event. The course includes challenging and technical sections. It’s under the responsibility of each cyclist to know the course before the competition. Each cyclist should ensure that he/she has the appropriate insurance coverage for his needs, in case of injury and/or damage.
    • Before the start of any Heat, there will be short safety briefing in which instructions and highlights will be given regarding the course and the competition. It is compulsory for each cyclist to take part in this brief and obey the instructions of the organizers.
    • Each cyclist should sign on a Release from Liability Form as a condition for participation in the event. In case of minors there will be a need for both cyclist and parent signature.
    • The Release from Liability Form’s copy is presented in the attached link: 

Gran Fondo Israel, the city of Eilat and the Israeli Cycling Association are happy to invite you to a challenging weekend of road rides in Eilat, road
The prairie and the mountains of Eilat.








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