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Friday, December 1, 2023

Individual Time Trial

Kicking off the weekend and setting the stage for the Gran Fondo events, the riders will face their toughest adversary – themselves. They will navigate a challenging time trial course of full length, along road no, 90 (Arava Road) for a fourth and back 22 km battle. Arava road is known for its windy conditions, so be prepared! Athletes will take on the course individually, aiming to achieve the best possible time throughout.

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Saturday, December 2, 2023

UCI Eilat Gran Fondo World Series
(137KM + 2km Neutral Start)

On Saturday, participants will embrace the traditional and demanding Gran Fondo course as part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Starting from Eilat and heading north on the renowned Arava road, riders will embark on a fast and flat 52 km stretch to get their legs moving.

After turning left from the Arava road, the riders will shift into “climbing mode” for the 4.2 km ascent of Mt. Ayit (locally known as Ketura) leading towards Neot Smadar. This climb features an average grade of 6.5% and reaches a peak of 14%. At the summit, if you find a spare moment, you can take in the expansive view of the Arava desert stretching before you.

Around 6.5 km past the peak, a left turn leads to an adventurous 60 km of challenging rolling hills, culminating in the descent from Netafim pass to the city of Eilat. This descent is lengthy and twisty, demanding full concentration. As a reward, you’ll be treated to a gradually unfolding view of the city as you traverse the desert’s mountains.

The finish line awaits back in Eilat, featuring a straight stretch of a few hundred meters for a final sprint against your competitors.


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