Friday, 16.12.22 - Individual Time Trial (Prologue), 5 km, Eilat.

Prologue – an individual time trial for distance of 5 km on a flat course on the Hotels way, start near the Ofira park, Eilat.

Participation in this race with the use of standard bikes for road races (non-motorized). You must follow the direction signs.

Prologue (ITT) course Map:

Saturday 12/17/22 - Open road race - Gran Fondo Eilat 139 km

  • Eilat – Arava Highway – Ketura Junction – Neot Samdar – Shizpon – Netafim – Eilat.

    • A neutral rolling start (2 km) from Ofira Park, through the hotels way, Toronto Square and north to Highway 90 at the exit from the city of Eilat.
    • Riding north on road 90, the Arava road until Ketura junction, about 51 km north of the START point in Eilat.
    • Climbing on road 40 towards the Shizafon intersection / Neot Smadar Inn. Start with an ascent of about 5 km with an elevation gain of about 300 m (Eagle Mountain). Continue riding until the Shizafon intersection (Neot Smadar) and turn left (south), to Road 12.
    • After Netafim crossing on Road 12, a long descent to Eilat until the first square, turn left on the road that bypasses Eilat until Toronto Square, at the entrance to the city, pass through Toronto Square to the hotels road and the FINISH line.
    • The end of the ride in Ofira Park.
    • Escort vehicles – from Toronto Square, escort vehicles do not continue to the last straight of the race, but turn right at the square into the city of Eilat and arrive at the FINISH area on the southern side.
    • Parking on Saturday 17/12/22 in the hotels area – plenty of parking. Parking must be done according to the law.

    Gran Fondo Eilat 2022 Course Map:  Distance: 139.3 km, cumulative height: 1,459 m.

Important issues for the competitive segments in the various categories

    • Participation in the competitive heats is only allowed with road bikes.
    • Elite men & women, Men juniors and Men level 1 categories continue to ride competitively until the end of the course in Eilat – 139 km. Be careful on the descents and do not take unnecessary risks!
    • The cadets category (boys & girls) and Women Juniors will finish the competition about 300 m after turning left (south) at the Shizapon intersection to road 12 (Neot Smadar Inn) in 63 Km from the START. A bus will be waiting at the inn to pick up the riders in this section. An independent pick-up (coach/parent/club representative) can be placed. It is forbidden for the participants of this heat to continue riding on road 12 beyond the finish line, the continuation of riding of the participants of this heat will lead to the disqualification of the competitor. The waiting time at Neot Smadar Inn is about an hour, this must be taken into account in terms of schedules, food and warm clothing. There will also be a feed zone with drinks, fruit and energy snacks in this point.
    • The Masters categories will finish the competition at the Netafim crossing*, where a finish line and a measuring tape will be placed and from there they will ride in an administrative manner until the FINISH point in Ofira Park. Before the long descent to Eilat, there will be a last Feed Zone where warm clothing can be sent for the descent. The warm clothing must be packed in a numbered bag with the participant’s number that will be given by the organizers when collecting the participant’s kits. The participant’s number will be pasted on the bag. These bags must be handed in on Friday afternoon 16/12/22 at the secretariat. The bags will be waiting for the riders at the last feed zone in Netafim.
    • All routes have been approved by a technical controller on behalf of ICA


    *The difference in competition distances stems from professional and safety considerations.

Gran Fondo Eilat Course 17/12/22 – Cut Off Time

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