Competition Rules

  • The competition will be managed according to the UCI road racing regulations, the professional regulations of the Israel Cycling Association and the participant’s statement that appears on this website.

    • Refer to the regulations that appear on the website of the Israeli Cycling Association:
    • It is mandatory to compete when the back numbers are attached to the cycling jersey in the lower part on the jersey pockets and the chassis number is attached in a way that is not hidden by any part of the bike. Do not fold, cut/or change the numbers. In the Time Trial, one number must be attached to the center of the lower back.
    • In case one of the pelotons/cyclists overtakes a group of other heat cyclists in the front of them, the fastest cyclists have the right of way. The cyclists who had been caught will slow down and stick to the curb on the right and allow the cyclist who caught them to pass in order not to disturb the competition.
    • The instructions of the police must be obeyed, cyclists who do not obey the instructions of the police will get off the course and the competition.
    • A rolling neutral start of approximately 2 km length will be held for all the participants from the START point in Ofira Park to the point of start measurement on the hotels road

Deadline (cut off time) - Arrival at the finish line in Ofira Park, Eilat

    • Competitive Heats – No later than 1:30 p.m.
    • Non-competitive round – no later than 2:00 p.m.
    • The time limits are detailed in the course details table – “arrival times – last rider”
    • .Picking up cyclists – A “sweeping bus” will drive in the back of the cyclists and pick up cyclists who drop out of the ride for various reasons, or who do not meet the cut-off times at the various points.
    • Cut off points – cyclists who do not arrive in the minimum times to the waypoints listed in the course detail table – arrival times, will have to get off the course and get on the sweeping bus.
    • “Sweeper rider” – the last rider in the peloton will be the “sweeper rider”, he will be next to the sweeper bus. cyclists who do not obey the instructions of the “Sweeping Rider”, will be excluded from the competition and the organizers of the event will not have any responsibility for them.
    • The winners in each category in the Eilat Tour 2022 will be those who set the shortest cumulative time on both days together.
    • A general personal ranking will be given at the end of each stage of the Eilat Tour as well as in the cumulative time ranking.
    • No general group ranking will be given.



    • As part of Tour / Gran Fondo Eilat 2022, there will be 2 sprint segments and a climbing segment which will crown the:
    • King / Queen of the mountains (the fastest climbers) of Tour and Gran Fondo Eilat 2022 – on a climbing course of about 5 km long with a cumulative gain of about 300m’ on road 40 from Ketura junction to Mount Eagle
    • The fastest cyclists (the accelerators) of Tour and Gran Fondo Eilat 2022 on 2 sprint sections (cumulative time), one of them on road 90 and the other on road 12 (exact details of the sprint sections will be posted later on the event website).
    • The king and queen of the mountains and the fastest cylists of Tour and Gran Fondo Eilat will be measured by using STRAVA application. It is the responsibility of the cyclists to make sure they are running the STRAVA app properly.
    • Prizes and medals will be awarded to the three men and three women with the fastest times in the sprint ( cumulative time) and climbing heats.
    • Leading Jersey will be given to male and female cyclists in the following categories:
    • Elite men
    • Elite women
    • Juniors Men & Women
    • Cadets Boys & Girls


  • From the moment the results each categories are published, you can approach the appeals referee / chief judging.
  • The initial publication of the results and the acceptance of appeals will be carried out at the secretary’s office, which will be located in Ofira Park.
  • An appeal affecting a position on the podium must be submitted within 15 minutes of the results being published.
  • The appeal will be submitted by the coach/manager of the team.
  • In prioritizing the handling of appeals, cases that affect the podiums will be dealt with first.
  • Continue handling appeals that were not handled in the field by sending a concentrated e mail to the adjudication coordinator at the ICA: [email protected]

Competitive categories

  • The Eilat tour 2022 will be held according to the following categories:

    • Men elite and Women elite.
    • Men Junior men and Women junior.
    • Cadets – Boys & Girls
    • Level 1 Men and level 1 Women.
    • Men’s Tandem and mixed Tandem (women/man or woman/woman).
    • Age categories (Masters) men and women:
    • 17 -29
    • 30 -39
    • 40 -49
    • 50 -59
    • 60+

    *Categories will not be merged and unified.




    In Eilat Tour 2022 there will be no sub-rankings.

Ceremonies and awards

  • Medals will be awarded to the winners of the first three places in each category in the daily sections on Friday 16/12/22 (Time Trial Eilat) and Saturday 17/12/2 (Gran Fondo Eilat).
  • Cups will be awarded to the winners of the first three places in each category in the General Classifications (GC) of the Eilat tour 2022.
  • Cups will be awarded to the three winners (men and women) of the King and Queen of the Mountain section and the sprint sections in the Tour / Gran Fondo Eilat 2022.
  • The ceremonies for the winners will be held at:
  • On Friday 16.12.22 at 20:30 at SOLEIL hotel,
  • On Saturday 17.12.22 at 13:00 at Ofira Park, Eilat.








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