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Gran Fondo, an Italian term for long rides, has gained global popularity as a road cycling event that brings together riders of various skill levels for a day or even several days of challenging and shared riding experiences.
During these events, both male and female riders from top-tier competitors to amateur enthusiasts with an immense love for the sport unite to ride a course that covers a minimum distance of 120 km.
The inaugural Gran Fondo, known as Gran Fondo Nove Colli, took place in Italy in the early 1970s. Since then, Gran Fondo events have gained momentum worldwide. In 2012, Israel hosted its first Gran Fondo, beginning from the Gilboa mountain and concluding at the Hermon site. Subsequently, additional Gran Fondo events followed, including Gran Fondo Makhteshim, Gran Fondo Dead Sea, Gran Fondo Arad, and Gran Fondo Arava.
In Israel, these Gran Fondo events are orchestrated by Gran Fondo Israel, a company that strives to foster a cycling culture across all levels within the country.
The third annual Gran Fondo Eilat is set in the southern city of Israel. The central objective of this event is to promote tourism and sports in the Eilat region and the southern Arava. The event is organized in collaboration with the Eilat Tourism Corporation, the Eilat Municipality, the Eilat Hotel Association, the Israeli Cycling Association, the International Cycling Association (UCI), the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Hapoel Center, and other relevant entities.

About UCI Gran Fondo World Series
UCI Gran Fondo World Series: The Qualifying Series for UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

The UCI Gran Fondo World Series (UGFWS) comprises a collection of UCI-sanctioned races taking place worldwide. Approximately 25-30 qualifying events will grant the top 25% in each age category the chance to compete in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. This championship, formerly known as the UCI Masters Road World Championships, bestows the coveted rainbow jersey upon its champions. Since its inception in 2011, the UCI Gran Fondo World Series is gearing up for the 2024 season with an added feature. In collaboration with the renowned Belgian sports marketing agency, Golazo, the UCI has established the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. This partnership will oversee the comprehensive organization, coordination, and marketing aspects of the UGFWS qualifier events.

Gran Fondo Eilat will mark the inaugural event of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series held in Israel. It offers an exceptional opportunity for cyclists from both Israel and around the globe to relish the sights of Eilat and the Southern Arava region.

The people behind Gran Fondo Eilat:

Harel Nahmani, Founder:
A leading figure in the organization of cycling events in Israel, Harel Nahmani embarked on his journey in the high-tech sector. In 2005, he accomplished the Iron Man challenge and continued to participate in demanding competitions such as the Tour TransAlp in 2008. From this point, his passion evolved into a profession. He has been a key partner in producing Gran Fondo events in Israel, starting from the inaugural event in 2012 and persisting to the present. Harel also coordinates cyclist delegations from Israel to international locations, orchestrating group bike tours for visitors coming to Israel from around the globe, with a strong focus on promoting tourism, nature, and sports.

Niv Liebner, Professional Manager:
Niv Liebner, a cycling coach, entered the realm of competitive cycling at the age of 12 and has since participated in numerous competitions worldwide. He took charge of the Israeli women’s road cycling team, accompanying them to prominent global events, including the Olympic Games. Currently, Niv expertly manages various bicycle races, including the Israel Track Bicycle Championship, the Maccabiah Games, and the Junior World Championship.

Nitzan Price – Production Manager:
With over two decades of experience as a seasoned production manager, Nitzan Price has been at the helm of organizing large-scale international events spanning the domains of sports, culture, and business. Notable among his accomplishments is his production of events like the Giro Italia bicycle race in Israel and the European Basketball Championship.

Race headquarters:

Jacob hotel

Sderot Hativat HaNegev 3, Eilat, 88000

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